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for soprano and solo alto saxophone

Duration: 20 minutes


Score to be sold soon

Scènes lyrics (coming soon)


Du sexe ! (Sex!)

Samantha Louis-Jean, soprano and Frédéric Chiasson, alto saxophone

Vue marine (Sea view)

Samantha Louis-Jean, soprano and Frédéric Chiasson, alto saxophone

Où est la musique ? (Where is the music?)

Ghislaine Deschambault, soprano and Mathieu Gaulin, alto saxophone

Champ stellaire (Stellar field)

Samantha Louis-Jean, soprano and Mathieu Gaulin, alto saxophone

Déesse disco (Disco goddess)

Ghislaine Deschambault, soprano and Mathieu Gaulin, alto saxophone


My principal inspiration for the Scènes was the pieces for voice and saxophone written by François Rossé, played frequently by Joël Versavaud et Marion Fribourg. Marion was describing those little sonic marvels like postcards, sketching a panorama, travel impressions (Amtrack 118), inner ecstasies (Saoûlimence) or rap pastiches (Lou) ! These has given me the will to do my own postcards.

Du sexe !, the title says it all. Wanting the end of poverty in the world, that men live by love, that artists or petroleum companies get subsidied, etc., that is just for the looks! In fact, all that people want is to be seduced by a sexy mistress of ceremony to make us explode of desire. Yes, all the world wants sex! sex! sex!

Vue marine comes from the first seconds that we live when waking out at the seashore. Concepts of beach, sea, wave do not pack the mind yet. Only shapes and colors remain, captivating the mind in enthralling and fearful visions.

Où est la musique ? is inspired from hopes and disappointments created by utopias and totalitarian ideologies, wherever coming from politics or music. It is a travel throughout an ideal city, hiding its horrors.

Champ stellaire is a work recreating the emotion before the star-filled sky, at a winter night. Stars move in the great space, infinite, wherein we are so small... and lonely.

Déesse disco is inspired by all those exquisitely simplistic melodies from dance and techno music. With only a sax and a singer, I try to recreate the transe atmosphere from the club, conducted by a femme fatale.

Articles about Scènes

2013-01-29 Les trois exils de Christian E. : the Art of tenderness and simplicity
2012-08-08 Lecture-concert on my saxophone works on August 10th
2012-02-18 Bravo Louis-Philippe Bonin and Valérie Poisson for the Scènes
2012-02-10 Two Scènes performed at Saint-Viateur Church on February 17th
2011-04-18 Some Scènes performed by students
2011-04-18 I am from now on a chartered composer of Canadian Music Centre
2009-07-31 New versions of Où est la musique ? et Déesse disco on site


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