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La Lame de l'horizon and The Globe and Sh*t just have been played in Scotland

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July 14th, 2012

One short note to tell you that Louis-Philippe Bonin just played La Lame de l'horizon and The Globe and Sh*t (world premiere). His performance was excellent and people at the concert had the same opinion. I had also a lot a congratulations for my two pieces. If comments about La Lame were unanimously positives, those for The Globe were more contrasted !

While one auditor told me that the piece were losing strength because we didn't understand all “lyrics” said by the track's readers, another said the opposite, telling me that having indiscernable babblings and sentence repetitions throughout the piece made it poetic (even with very unpoetic lyrics!). However, all people I have talked with were pleased by the saxophone part, especially well defended by Louis-Philippe. Not bad for a first mixed music piece!

The most interesting is that it was the young who appreciated my music the most, and who understood the fastest the purpose of my musical interventions. One young American saxophonist even told me that he was glad that this work existed, because it made him understand a part of the political situation in Quebec and Canada. I surely have won some precious performers.

You will have audio and video of the concert soon.


The Globe and Sh*t in Scotland

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