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Urbania in the Messager de Verdun and the Écho de la Lièvre of Mont-Laurier

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August 22nd, 2013

The Messager de Verdun just published in its last number an article on Urbania. You can look at the internet version here (in French) (with nice photos as a bonus). A PDF copy of the article is here.

The Écho de la Lièvre, the local newspaper of Mont-Laurier, also published an appreciative review of Urbania for its premiere at the Mont-Laurier concert of the Orchestre de la Francophonie.

We have been won by the musical performances, among others, during the rendering of a wonderful work created by Frédéric Chiasson, Urbania. We could not forget the marvellous voice of the soprano, Pascale Beaudin. This artist has tugged everyone's heartstrings.

You can read the entire article here (in French).


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