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Urbania: an article, a video and some free tickets

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August 7th, 2013

Many news for Urbania at a time.


Lucie Renaud wrote a very good article on the making of Urbania in her blog Clavier bien tempéré. Read this to know more what happened in my mind during the composition.


The Ottawa National Arts Center asked me behind the scene questions about Urbania. Here is the video.

The National Arts Center interviewed me about Urbania.

Free tickets

The Orchestre de la Francophonie gives free tickets for its concerts in Montreal. How to get them?

  1. Go to its Facebook photo;
  2. Leave a comment « le 12 » to tell them you want tickets for the Urbania concert of August 12th;
  3. And that's it!

According to the photo, the orchestra gives tickets to the first 25 participants of each concert. Better get them fast!


Urbania in Ottawa: in the Queen's Lodge (videos)

Urbania in the Messager de Verdun and the Écho de la Lièvre of Mont-Laurier


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