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Urbania : Petite pousse, rebel lullaby

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May 16th, 2013

I just finished the 3rd movement of Urbania. Its name is Petite pousse (“Small sprout”) and it starts with a lullaby.

Then I just noticed that I have composed something that is literally against all non-written rules of conventional contemporary music: a perfectly regular and perfectly tonal lullaby in 32 3/4 bars. Something which would be, according to the principles of Montreal new music society, is completely ”reactionary”, “uncreative”, “antimodern”, “not my language” and so on. I almost fear to have banned myself of Arts Councils grants and contemporary music organizations forever!

But still, I have not done it to create riots in these organizations' boards of directors. I started Petite pousse with a lullaby to answer a personal request of Pascale Beaudin, the excellent soprano premiering the work.

I could try to make a “contemporary” lullaby. I could write some sprechgesang (“speak-sing”), I would add an atonal counterpoint on flute and other instruments. All of them would play softly: it is a lullaby after all... Well, the result is exactly a Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire movement, composed more than 100 years ago. Not exactly “contemporary”! Moreover, if you have a baby, will you really put him to sleep with Pierrot Lunaire?

Someone on YouTube think this could be possible!

A movement of Pierre lunaire with the Teletubbies. Not really a reassuring mix...

Here are the comments.

«Je l'ai vu une couple de fois déjà et ça m'horrifie de plus en plus à chaque fois. C'est le genre de truc que je ne peux pas ne pas partager.»

Well! To frighten is not what I desire. I think I will stay with my 32 bar tonal lullaby...

Click here for Urbania concert date.


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