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This website is not updated because a new website is under construction. Actually, I still compose and arrange a lot! For the last news, please check my Facebook page.

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2013-07-06 New recordings of Nelligan Poems and new demo section
2013-06-24 The Five States for Five Timpani are back on website
2013-06-20 La Presse writes about Urbania in the season launch of the Orchestre de la Francophonie
2013-06-17 Urbania : season 2013 launch of Orchestre de la Francophonie
2013-06-12 Urbania : my second marathon over
2013-05-24 Gone for the Ottawa Marathon
2013-05-16 Urbania : Petite pousse, rebel lullaby
2013-04-22 In a rush!
2013-04-10 Jérome Ducros at Collège de France : of the importance of the dance of expectation in music.
2013-04-08 The voice of Margaret Thatcher
2013-03-27 Urbania: concert dates
2013-03-27 The Oatmeal explains music industry in four panels.
2013-03-21 Dead Man Walking: text or music?
2013-03-01 Crowdfunding for Poèmes de Nelligan
2013-02-15 Urbania: composing Réveil
2013-02-08 The SPACQ and the Creative Commons
2013-02-06 Judge at Accès Arkea for Codes d'accès
2013-01-29 Les trois exils de Christian E. : the Art of tenderness and simplicity
2013-01-18 Happy New Year 2013 and Sibelius courses at Saint-Hyacinthe
2012-12-21 Merry End of the World... eh... Merry Christmas!
2012-12-19 Final submitting of a doctor dissertation that doesn't want to die
2012-12-04 I am a doctor in music !
2012-11-22 Doctor degree dissertation defense on Thursday, November 29th
2012-11-15 Sex and sexuality of music instruments
2012-11-05 Christian Rioux and chiac: when Quebec instrumentalize Acadia
2012-10-29 Flu break
2012-10-20 A musiQCnumériQC podcast on crowdsourcing
2012-10-15 This site is now responsive
2012-10-01 Indian summer of grant applications and new secretary on Codes d'accès board of directors
2012-09-16 An analysis of source of comments from Globe and Sh*t