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This website is not updated because a new website is under construction. Actually, I still compose and arrange a lot! For the last news, please check my Facebook page.

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2017-05-26 To compose The Eye
2016-11-13 Premieres of Belle-Île-en-mer in Moncton and Caraquet
2016-11-07 Lucie Renaud, one of the last journalists of musical creation
2016-09-18 Arrangements of Final Fantasy and Donkey Kong 64 for the Orchestre de jeux vidéo
2015-04-29 La Foudre du cloud on Vimeo
2015-04-29 Original music for La Foudre du cloud at Kino this Friday
2015-02-19 Cultural personality of the year 2014 in l'Étoile
2015-01-02 Post-Holiday Present: The 30th Anniversary Concert of Cirque du Soleil broadcasted at Radio-Canada
2014-12-18 Excellent reviews for the Cirque du Soleil 30th anniversary concert
2014-12-08 In rehearsal for the 30th anniversary Concert of Cirque du Soleil
2014-11-13 An excerpt from my arrangement of Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody
2014-09-04 Nous sommes eux presented at the Projektion Septembre of Kino this Friday September 5th
2014-08-21 Interview on CIME-FM for the arrangements of Da Costa Opéra
2014-08-07 Arrangements, arrangements, arrangements...
2014-05-20 Nous sommes eux, the short film soundtrack
2014-04-28 Launching of Festival classique des Hautes-Laurentides... and of his Composer-in-Residence
2014-03-31 New video of the Tour du Mont-Royal Brébeuf
2014-02-06 Coming back soon after an arrangement...
2013-12-24 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
2013-12-17 David Therrien-Brongo premieres the last two States for Five Timpanis
2013-12-10 Composer in residence of the Festival classique des Hautes-Laurentides
2013-11-18 Recordings of Urbania on website
2013-10-07 Music for video of Tour du Mont-Royal Brébeuf
2013-10-01 The Interview at Culture physique and Geneviève Lefebvre's blog
2013-09-20 Interview with Robert Frosi at Culture physique
2013-08-22 Urbania in the Messager de Verdun and the Écho de la Lièvre of Mont-Laurier
2013-08-07 Urbania: an article, a video and some free tickets
2013-08-06 Urbania in Ottawa: in the Queen's Lodge (videos)
2013-07-29 Superb premiere of Urbania in Mont-Laurier (with videos)
2013-07-17 Launch of Nelligan Poems crowdsourcing on August 20th to let place for Urbania