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for saxophone quartet (SATBar.)

Duration : 21:00


Score to be sold soon



Quatuor Nota Bene


Quatuor Nota Bene


Quatuor Nota Bene


The saxophone quartet Lasher is coming from the name of the ghost haunting the Mayfair Witches trilogy from Anne Rice. From a simple and shapeless spirit without self-conciousness, Lasher learns from the Mayfair witches to take form and have control on matter, from generation to generation. In return, Lasher gives them wealth, pleasure and power. But his first goal is to be reborn in flesh. He forces the Mayfairs to incest, so the hereditary gift of witchcraft grows through generations, and pushes his opponents to death and madness. He finally comes to life from the last witch of the line.

For this quartet, the aspect that was interesting me the most was the transformation of a single breath to a complete being of flesh and blood. The first movement relates to Lasher, simple spirit appearing under many forms to his witch's callings. The second movement suggests the ghost's seductions to keep his witches. The third describes the final metamorphosis in a flesh being. The music is Lasher, starting from almost nothing, growing into melody, harmony and rhythm in an almost organic way to his final goal, showing his appealing and frightening sides before disappearing a few minutes later.


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