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La Lame de l'horizon

(The Blade of Horizon)
for solo alto saxophone

Duration: 8:36


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La Lame de l'horizon (The Blade of Horizon)

Louis-Philippe Bonin, alto saxophone


Performer : Louis-Philippe Bonin, alto saxophone

Interprète : Marie-Hélène Bilodeau, saxophone alto


La Lame de l'horizon is a development of the argument drafted in Vue marine.

It takes the same scenery, the same seashore. This time, the saxophone is alone, facing himself. Looking at himself, judging himself. Feeling it : battle is inexorable. He battles, but against what? His own double? His shadow? The wind? The sea remains true to herself, impassive judge.

The piece has been written for Jean-Michel Goury in the first months of 2010.

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