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for solo saxophone, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Duration : 10:00


Score to be sold soon


I – Étoile du soir, déesse de l'amour (I – Evening star, goddess of love)

Louis-Philippe Bonin, alto saxophone, and Paramirabo Ensemble

II – Étoile du matin, déesse de la guerre (II – Morning star, goddess of war)

Louis-Philippe Bonin, alto saxophone, and Paramirabo Ensemble


Ishtar was born from a commission by Louis-Philippe Bonin, who wanted a piece for saxophone and chamber ensemble. The piece has been composed for himself and the Paramirabo Ensemble.

The title « Ishtar » comes from the name given by ancient Chaldaeans to the planet Venus. First “star” of evening, last “star” of morning, it symbolised both sides of the goddess: in the evening, goddess of love; in the morning, goddess of war.

The music embraces both sides. The first movement weaves a series of lines in free rhythm, answering and crossing each other to a luxuriant apotheosis. The second, after a gradual warmup, answers the first with sharp rhythms and warlike energy, where instruments unleash wild solos.

Louis-Philippe Bonin and Paramirabo Ensemble have premiered the piece on Thursday April 5th, 2012, at Café l'Artère, during the concert « New Voices/Échos de Montréal ».


Drafts – mvt I

Drafts – mvt II

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