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for symphonic orchestra

(3 (3rdalso picc.), 3 (3rd : C.A.), 3 (3rd also clar. basse), 2, 1 alto sax, 1 tenor sax / 4231 / timpani, 2 perc. / strings)

Duration: 7:00


Score to be sold soon



Orchestre de l'Université de Montréal, Jean-François Rivest, conductor


Intercosmos : stars, clusters, supernovas, galaxies. Vast spaces moving away, interweaving. Cosmos: order. Orders gathering afar, disrupting our inner order. But why is it so stirring?

Intercosmos is an exploration of music possibilities to evoke outer space, its immensity, its density, its emptiness. A series of variations on the theme of largeness and vastness. Inspired by my own research on the Traité de l'orchestration by Charles Koechlin, I was particularly interested to the notion of sound volume, of the size it can take in space. I wanted to explore it through different blends, different orchestral cosmos, from the discreet space background noise to the spectacular explosions with hundreds of lines going through all directions.

Among all these orders, a longing question returns, only answered by the space emptiness.

Some Koechlin's intuitions on musical timbre seem to be shared by many other humans, even some animals. Is our music listening guided by universal mechanisms, universal cosmos, present everywhere but unknown by anyone?

Articles about Intercosmos

2011-10-28 Presentation on Intercosmos at OICRM International Research/creation workshop
2011-10-21 Recording of Intercosmos premiere by OUM
2011-10-16 Beautiful premiere of Intercosmos by OUM and Jean-François Rivest, appreciated by Claude Gingras
2011-10-11 Intercosmos in Claude Gingras's musical calendar in La Presse
2011-09-16 Intercosmos : OUM's first rehearsal
2011-09-02 Intercosmos played by OUM on October 15th
2011-08-25 Intercosmos completed and presentation given at Rochester SMPC


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