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New website under construction

This website is not updated because a new website is under construction. Actually, I still compose and arrange a lot! For the last news, please check my Facebook page.

Demo – Video Game and TV


Here are music demos to give examples of what I can compose for diverse situations: video game, TV, theatre...

Advertising and promotional video

Tour du Mont-Royal Brébeuf – Ad

The promotional video of the Tour du Mont-Royal Brébeuf. Video: Jean-Martin Desmarais.

Video game

Role playing game theme

Thème de jeu de rôle – démo (RPG theme – demo)

Here is a demo of an opening theme for an imaginary RPG theme. I have done it to test my orchestral simulation bank (Vienna Symphonic Library) with Logic.

Television (TV)

Theme for Hockey Night in Canada Contest

Coming soon...

I sent this theme to participate to the composition contest for the new theme of the TV show Hockey Night in Canada. After having composed the theme, inspired from the famous ancient theme, I noticed a rule in the contest: the proposal should not sound like the old theme! Oops... it still stays a nice theme.

Articles about

2013-07-06 New recordings of Nelligan Poems and new demo section


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