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Cinq états pour cinq timbales

(Five States for Five Timpani)

for (five) solo timpani

Duration: 15 minutes



Trois états pour cinq timbales (Three States for Five Timpanis, the first three), performed by Aglaé Frigeri.


Cinq états pour cinq timbales (Five States for Five Timpani) is an exploration of the versatility of the most traditional percussion instrument of the orchestra. It is a gamble, a sound trip to take the timpani out from their normal usage and to put them into other “states”: timpani are transformed into african drums, snare drum, fog, samba school...

Militari Safari makes the improbable combination of army snare drum drills and recalls of exotic drums into the Abrican bush.

Brumes (Fogs) sublimes the percussive nature of timpanis into diaphanous sheets of rolls, reflecting the suspended water haze.

Fracas de vagues (Wave Crashes) recreates the feeling of a rough sea of polyrhythms and constantly changing temperaments.

Attente (Waiting) aims to be an Hitchcockian suspense where the timpanis separate in frightening and frightened characters.

Carnaval (Carnival) closes the cycle with an acrobatic kermesse where the timpanis reach a peak of virtuosity and effervescence.

The Five States have been composed after the percussion seminar directed by Robert Leroux. They are dedicated to Aglaé Frigeri, the performer who premiered the first three States. The last two were premiered by David Therrien-Brongo.

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