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Highly enthusiast crowd for the premiere of Bungalopolis

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May 21st, 2010

We can say that the cartoons from Jean-Paul Eid, musics from Éric Champagne, Frédéric Chiasson, Benoît Côté, Maxime Goulet and Pierre-Olivier Roy, and production by Mylène Lapierre hit bullseye at the Lion d'or this Thursday May 20th ! The crowd filling the Lion d'or was literally in a frenzy watching the musical adventures of Jérôme Bigras. Thanks to everyone for your support !

For those who missed this exceptional moment, there is some negociation to represent the cabaret opera. To be continued...

Finally, for all those who felt their heart breaking (like mine !) to not hear the famous square 20 of the interactive cartoon... here is it with the case 21 as a bonus (in synthetic sounds) !


Tickets for Bungalopolis on sale

La Lame de l'horizon chosen by Guido de Flaviis and Medea Electronique to be recorded on CD


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