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New small guitar work commission, thanks to... Twitter!

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August 24th, 2012

Coming from a simple stranger, a new commission for a guitar work.
Coming from a simple stranger, a new commission for a guitar work.

Surprising and impressive: Christian Rocheleau, a factory employee and amateur guitarist, has commissionned me a small guitar work by... Twitter!

Christian Rocheleau, father of four, factory worker and amateur classical guitarist, has reached me on Twitter to write him a short 2:30 piece for guitar («a bedside piece», according to his words). After many years playing in rock bands, Christian started classical guitar, then quickly became interested in contemporary music. After practicing many new music scores, Rocheleau wanted to extend Quebec repertoire of guitar music.

Thus Christian went through the list of composer members of Canadian Music Centre and listened to each's work excerpts, so I have been chosen among all these composers! While I was arguing with other Twitterers, one with a simple number nickname writes me to propose me to compose a small work for guitar...

Because of his limited means, we agreed to pay the piece in several monthly payments. It is an excellent way to assure a decent price while making work commission accessible to an non millionaire individual.

Personally, I am impressed by the action of such commissioner. Many contemporary music ensembles wait to have subsidies from arts counsils to pay a composer, or organize composition competitions to obtain free works. But that a simple citizen, even not rich, decides to pay duly a composer with his own means to extend the Quebec repertoire encourages me strongly for the future. If he does it, why other people would not do it?

Christian plans to record the piece less than 3 months after completion. His recording will be broadcasted on this website. In any case, it is sure that from now on I study my guitar instrumentation chops!

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