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The Globe and Sh*t in Scotland

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July 13th, 2012

A Saint-Andrews's street
Saint-Andrews : ancient walls, modern life.

Louis-Philippe Bonin will premiere soon The Globe and Sh*t tomorrow on July 14th at 11:00 during the World Saxophone Congress 2012 in Saint-Andrews, Scotland. After attending many concerts, meeting many new people, and made few rare tourist visits, here is the ultimate moment.

Saint-Andrews: a surprising mix of ancient architecture and modern life, where centennial walls harmoniously let room to colorful contemporary shop fronts. It is by these streets that we arrive daily to the World Saxophone Congress.

Louis-Philippe cheers with new friends at the Central, a typical UK pub.
Louis-Philippe cheers with new friends at the Central, a typical UK pub.

There is plenty of concerts. Five or six concert halls give many hundreds of concerts during six days. There is absolutely anything played: classical sax, contemporary sax, jazz or jazzé sax... And we have to be heard among all these propositions!

So me and Louis-Philippe go to plenty of concerts, meet plenty of people, exchange plenty of business cards and announce our own concert – “Saturday 14th July, 11:00, Buchanan Theatre”. We eat, we drink, we sleep late, get up early.

Ruins of St. Cathedral.
Ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral.

In rare free moments, I went running through the town and visit ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral, destroyed by Protestants of the Reform. Quite impressive. There is also long and large beaches where people walk by... with a lot of clothes on! With a mean temperature of 12°C these last days, I don't feel like swimming.

I will see if we can record a video of the concert. Anyway, I will give you news about the concert very soon.


Composing The Globe and Sh*t – 3. The tape

La Lame de l'horizon and The Globe and Sh*t just have been played in Scotland


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