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I finished my doctor degree dissertation and Ishtar recording

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May 12th, 2012

Last Tuesday, I submitted my dissertation. Five years of hard work, composing, studying, researching, giving lectures, working in side jobs during studies, all that ended Tuesday afternoon, when I submitted six copies of dissertation, six copies of four different scores, six CDs.

You surely guess that I feel for that an immense joy. But it comes also with the impression to turn a page of your life. Before, I was a student being accountable to his supervisors, having a schedule, a goal, a laid out path. Now, I am a worker having extreme freedom to make his life, to choose projects in which he seeks accomplishment... or do nothing. Sure, there is the thrill of possibilities. There is also the vertigo of consequences of my choices for which I am entirely responsible. There is finally a nostalgia of a time where I had a goal without asking (or wanting to ask) too much questions.

From now on, I am a full-time composer, arranger and transcriber. Of course, some tasks remain, like correcting my dissertation, a final submission and the defense. But it won't be the center of my life.

It won't mean I will have time to be bored! I already have many composition contracts, transcription for Cirque du Soleil, two conferences on my research, a scientific article to verify and finish, edition of my scores for sax(es), update of my website, book-keeping, triathlon...

I still had time to add the recording of Ishtar on its webpage. Louis-Philippe Bonin and the Paramirabo Ensemble (and the sound engineer) made a splendid recording of the work at Pollack Hall of McGill University. Click here and look at the menu on the right.

Finally, life goes on... and I hope it will be with you!


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