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Ishtar : video and recording

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April 10th, 2012

First, a big thanks to all those who came to listen to Ishtar last Thursday! It was an excellent concert.

Marc Belley filmed the whole concert and has quickly edited it for Ishtar. We can hear it here or on his Youtube channel.

Ishtar performed by Louis-Philippe Bonin, tenor saxophone, et Paramirabo Ensemble, edited by Marc Belley.

2nd movement starts at 5:25. Other edits for separate parts should come soon.

Also, Louis-Philippe Bonin and the Paramirabo Ensemble just recorded Ishtar at Pollack Hall, in McGill University. I will let you know soon if I can put it on this site.

I can at least say that instrument balance is a lot better in Pollack Hall than in Café L'Artère. If I had doubts about Ishtar's orchestration after the Café session, the one at Pollack Hall reassured me. The recording has confirmed me that my intuitions about lack of blend between saxophone and strings heard at Café were right. You do need a good hall for strings' sound to have carrying power and to blend with the rest of ensemble. If you do not have this hall, say hello to balance problems!

If everything goes right, you will hear all of this soon!


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