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musiQCnumériQC is working on a new culture policy of digital technology

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February 29th, 2012

You should not know about it – I never wrote about it on this site – but I participate to the musiQCnumériQC meetings for a few months now. musiQCnumériQC (which literally means digital music, with QCs for Québec, of course) gathers music creators, agents, managers and any other person involved and interested in the pros and cons of current association between music, digital technologies... and law.

This last Thursday (February 22th), the collective has decided to go beyond group discussion and to work on a document giving feedback on recommandations for the next cultural policy of CALQ and SODEC in link with digital technologies. Giving feedback on feedback ? Yes, CALQ has already given its recommendations to the Culture Department (in this document, in French). SODEC did too (in this document, in French). Unfortunately, these seem to have gone under the mediatic radar. One goal for the musiQCnumériQC own document is to give more visibility to recommandations that can influence cultural policies and culture itself for many years... or make it stagnate!

Here are the minutes of last meeting (in French again)... written by the author of this blog :)

Also, musiQCnumériQC is looking for other people involved in music – whatever the type of involvement – to discuss and propose themselves recommandations. Those interested should write to the musiQCnumériQC website.

The next meeting will be on March 29th at 6:00pm. If you come, be sure to have your French ready. The meeting is done in French (it is musiQC after all) and there is no simultaneous translator provided.

P.S.: I should write an article soon about pair comity evaluation in culture subvention programs. I have debated about it already with musiQCnumeriQC. From my point of view, there are some changes that could improve the process... You wil read that soon!


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