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Drafts of Ishtar

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January 16th, 2012

I just created a new page for Ishtar, my new work. The piece is not completed yet, but to make you wait a bit longer, I added to the webpage a PDF of drafts made for the first movement of Ishtar.

Draft of <em>Ishtar</em>, mvt I, p. 4
Esquisses d'Ishtar, mvt I, p. 4.

If you listen to the work premiere by Louis-Philippe Bonin and the Paramirabo Ensemble on April 5th (7:30pm, Café l'Artère, update), you will notice that much material in the drafts won't be heard in the work. Why? Well, a composer rewrites his passages a lot while composing. And it happens that he removes passages to replace them by better ones, even if the first passages were good! Most of the time, I rewrite a passage so it can fit better with adjacent sections.

All this work is not lost, though. Even if it is sometimes disheartening to go through this whole process at each new composition, I always try to remember that writing and rewriting music is a training process, like training for swimming or running. And nothing keeps me from reusing a discarded passage for another piece.


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Drafts of Ishtar – 2nd movement


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