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Bungalopolis is back... on screen in Cowansville! (Update)

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November 21st, 2011

(November 16th, 2011) You still have missed Bungalopolis ? Then you have no excuse to miss it again! You don't have the choice to see the last version screening of Bungalopolis, during the BD Migratoires Festival in Cowansville1, on December 10th, 2011, 1:00pm.

The Festival had the good idea to honor Jean-Paul Eid, our opera's famous librettist, and its hero Jérôme Bigras.

Not related to Bungalopolis, but I mention it because I love it: please note that Zviane and Iris will also be part of the party on December 9th, with their excellent comic L'Ostie d'chat, from their eponym blog.

UPDATE: Contrary to what the hyperlinked sign could suggest, the festival will screen excerpts of the opera Bungalopolis, not the whole opera (unfortunately). Contrairement à ce que l'affiche mise en lien pourrait laisser entendre, le festival projettera des extraits de l'opéra Bungalopolis, et non l'opéra en entier.

1. Mmm, okay! You may have an excuse if you are more than a 2-hour drive from Cowansville!


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