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Arrangements of Final Fantasy and Donkey Kong 64 for the Orchestre de jeux vidéo

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September 18th, 2016

Arrangement of Final Fantasy by Frédéric Chiasson, played by L'Orchestre de jeux vidéo, conducted by Jonathan Dagenais.

I wanted first to wait to launch my new website before giving this mews, but since I have too many music and development projects going on, better write about it now! I have indeed made two arrangement of video game music for the Orchestre de jeux vidéo (Video Game Orchestra, OJV): one of the first Final Fantasy (I, II and III) and one of Donkey Kong 64.

The OJV, an amateur band having a rising reputation (that has articles about it even in Australia !), has broadcasted their video of their performance of my arrangement of Final Fantasy on Youtube.

I am working right now on two arrangements for OJV that will be played in February 2017 at the Symphonic House of Montreal: a great arrangement on the Zelda series – a challenge to compress 25 years of Zelda music in 12 minutes! – and an encore on Final Fantasy VI.


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