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Excellent reviews for the Cirque du Soleil 30th anniversary concert

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December 18th, 2014

Photo de moi, dirigeant le concert du 30e anniversaire du Cirque du Soleil
Photo of your composer and conductor in full action, during the 30th anniversary Concert of Cirque du Soleil. Photographer: Renaud Vinet-Houle for

You must have already read it, but most reviews of the 30th anniversary Concert of Cirque du Soleil are excellent. Here are some excerpts.

“Run for it to let go without forgetting to bring your child heart. This anniversary concert is a success on all plans: musical performance, special effects, stage direction, costumes, lightings. The spirit of Cirque du Soleil was there, without jugglers nor acrobats, but with many artists and costumed characters.” (Caroline Rodgers, La Presse, 13 décembre 2014)
“It's like the Sistine Chapel gone cinematic via technology beyond Michelangelo's wildest dreams.”
“For the first 40 minutes, I was enthralled. [...] Then conductor Frédéric Chiasson began to lead the soloists in an a cappella version of the Beatles song Because from the show Love in Las Vegas. This is pure magic.”
“Cirque du Soleil's amazing sound, light and music show makes a most eloquent argument for the preservation of Montreal's architectural treasures as it celebrates the company's 30th anniversary.” (Pat Donnell, The Gazette, 13 décembre 2014. Cliquez sur le lien pour voir aussi la vidéo des extraits du concert.)
“We said it, there are nice and good things to hear and to see. Hymn of the Worlds, taken from ZED, is in this respect the climax of the concert. Chills guaranteed. The same for Nostalgie (Ô) before, all in softness and turquoise blue glows.
When it starts to snow outside the vaulted ceiling, we can't keep the child on ourselves from widening the eyes of astonishment. Then finally comes the essential Alegria accompanied by a celestial choir... At this moment, the secular confines almost to the liturgical.” (François Lévesque, Le Devoir, 13 décembre 2014)

You can also check an interview I gave to Radio-Canada Acadie (in French), in which I explain the arrangement and conducting challenges of this great project, proved by video excerpts.

I should add many more reviews excerpts once the show series over. Until then, go quickly fetch the few tickets remaining on the 30th Anniversary Concert of the Cirque. Don't hesitate also to tell me when you come in my personal Doodle survey.


In rehearsal for the 30th anniversary Concert of Cirque du Soleil

Post-Holiday Present: The 30th Anniversary Concert of Cirque du Soleil broadcasted at Radio-Canada


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