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New recordings of Nelligan Poems and new demo section

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July 6th, 2013

I just added new recordings of the Poèmes de Nelligan. These are recordings from the premiere of the Poèmes performed by Marc Boucher and Olivier Godin, at the Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur on May 2th 2010. They were recorded live, without any editing. While sound recording quality is not optimal, you have a good sound proof of the musicians' talent.

I also added a “Demo – video game and TV” subsection in the “Music” section. I just inserted a small role playing game opening theme, produced with the orchestral sound bank Vienna Symphonic Library. I will add soon the theme created for the first Hockey Night in Canada song contest at CBC.

Talking about the contest, CBC comes back with the new SongQuest contest for its famous hockey show. It even gives 10 songs to get inspiration...

Well, according to CBC, the theme song must stay in has-been rock era. This gives me the temptation to frighten them by sending them a J-Pop tune with plenty of barely pubescent girls... like this!

AKB48, Baby! Baby! Baby! Wear sunglasses in case of color overdose...


The Five States for Five Timpani are back on website

Launch of Nelligan Poems crowdsourcing on August 20th to let place for Urbania


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