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Nous sommes eux presented at the Projektion Septembre of Kino this Friday September 5th


September 4th, 2014

La bande-annonce de la Projektion Septembre de Kino Montréal, avec Nous sommes eux de Maribel Bedoya, musique : Frédéric Chiasson.

Finally! The short film by Maribel Bedoya with my musice, Nous sommes eux (We are them) will be presented this Friday September 5th 2014 at 8:30pm, at the Théâtre Rialto (5723, Du Parc, Montréal). Doors open at 7:30pm. Please arrive early, for no there is no place reservation and only a volontary donation is suggested.

The principal appeal of Nous sommes eux is that it is a silent movie, where only music and images tell the story. I write more about the film in this post.


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Interview on CIME-FM for the arrangements of Da Costa Opéra


August 21st, 2014

Last minute news: I will do a phone interview with Diane Lafrance on CIME-FM, the Laurentides radio, about my arrangements played during the concert Da Costa Opéra on August 23th, 2014 in Mont-Tremblant, during the Festival classique des Hautes-Laurentides. The interview will be given exactly at 4:35 PM.

You can listen to the interview live on the website of CIME-FM, ici.

Update : after a last minute program change, the interview will be given at 5:20pm.


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Arrangements, arrangements, arrangements...


August 7th, 2014

Alexandre Da Costa
Alexandre Da Costa, who will play my opera aria arrangements with Ensemble Acacia on August 23th 2014 in Mont-Tremblant.

I know, I know. It has been too much time that I haven't given any news on this website. But no news, good news: I had a impressive amount of contracts to complete. I am more busy than ever... as an arranger.

Here is a list.

(Rest of translation coming soon...)


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